Meine Offenbarung

empty cups with last drops of caffeine
set aside grated plates in lonely canteens
clothes in at the nearby dry clean
just another day in the weekly routine
blackened calender marked on number thirteen
busy with time to kill and loaded guns in a day dream
buy five get one free latte at wild bean
may as well because the future is unseen
somewhere in the fine cash-or-credit scene
and almost all of the spaces in between
the wall street self destructive time bomb machine
capitalism’s flags fly white and alight a firey green
where the sheep find barns of community convene
and the wolves start the fight for the last drops of saline
once the war’s end draws and now all is unclean
efforts are lost at the end of battles to demean
humanity and all her levels in numbers upteen
brewing the pandemic too late for a vaccine,
the sixth mass extinction dawns in the chow mein.


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