Throughout my teenage years, I passed time in my room blasting music through headphones. Sometimes, when I thought my parents weren't around or I just didn't care, I'd unplug the headphones and blast it through the speakers. The neighbours would complain and I'd smile and wave out the window. Mum used to scream from downstairs … Continue reading Chester

Per Diem

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping. I go to bed at my usual time, which is anywhere between 9.30-11pm.  Most of the time I'll toss and turn for a couple of hours before I fall asleep, sometimes I'm able to drift off nicely. But almost every single night without fail, I'll wake up between midnight … Continue reading Per Diem


Sinking; How did I get here, in the middle of the sea? Too far from the land, I cannot feel the bottom.  Sinking; Down I go, and the world gets darker.  Thick and unbreathable, I watch the rays as they glisten.  Sinking; This will be my last sunset, yet I'm unafraid of the unknown.  There … Continue reading Sinking